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Official Club Website for the EFRA 2020 Euros

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Schumacher Mini-Dart: Compound - Yellow - EFRA Rules only allow for ONE compound


2WD & 4WD Rear: Schumacher Dart, compound Yellow, Part # U6826

        4WD Front: Schumacher Dart, compound Yellow, Part # U6825


Foam Tyre Inserts - Cragg Racing Euros Insert


2wd & 4wd Rear: #MC0005

4wd Front: #MC0004

(2wd Front, use unlikely and not controlled: #MC0006)


We recommend the Schumacher low profile cut or non-cut stagger for the 2wd front tyre

Tyres can be ordered in advance

for collection at the event from our club model shop


Moss R/C Models



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