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Official Club Website for the EFRA 2020 Euros

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2022 Fixtures

International Race - 6/7/8 May

Euros Main Event - 27th June - 2nd July



The event will serve as a warmup to the EFRA 1/10th Off-Road European Championships 2022


ENTRY IS OPEN TO ALL, as long as you have a BRCA, EFRA or your own countries national license if it is affiliated under EFRA.

Entrants who are confirmed to be competing in the EFRA Euros will be given priority for obvious reasons.



We will allocate entries over and above the Euros entries on a first come first served basis, the first draft for these entries will be published approximately 2 months before the event (we need to allow time for all euros entries to come in and be sorted).

Around this time we will be opening whatever places haven’t been taken by competitors racing in the Euros to the rest of the open entries we have received. Please bear with us in this. There will still be 2 months for you to sort hotels etc after this point. If you all enter quickly it will make life easier for everybody!


The warmup entry form will be available online early in 2022


Any questions please ask via:


our facebook page - www.robinhoodraceway.com/robinhoodraceway


Or email to mail@robinhoodraceway.com  


Click below to download .pdf entry form

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Please send payment with the entry. We will operate the same system as the BRCA. We would like to fit every entry in, but need to bear in mind those coming from abroad etc to practice for the euros, we do not know how large the entry will be for the open - ie those not doing the euros. We should have a good idea by the end of february. We will be flexible and try to accommodate every entry but of course if we receive 200 open entries this might be a problem, the later ones may not gain a place - these will of course be refunded, as happens with a BRCA national.


(Competitor number means EFRA/BRCA or appropriate country license number)

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